Making children happy and helping stray animals


Unleash the wings of your child's imagination.   Remember our dreams in childhood with funny pictures and bizarre characters that have flurried our imagination? Creating new prints for children's bed linen , we asked what they dreamed about... The answers were amazing, there were whales with cat's paws flying in space, rabbits in a rocket and monkeys in hats on huge bananas.  

By purchasing our bed linen , you will not only make your child happy, but also help stray dogs and cats who really need your love and care!

The answers also pushed our imaginations to create prints.  We want the child's bed to be a continuation of their incredible ideas and fantasies, and we, as dream catchers, will try to catch these unique stories.  We make all children's bed linen from 100% cotton, collected from the dreams of caring parents who want the best for their child :) With water-based ink with a special coating for protection against fading (up to 50 washes).  The bed will stay as bright as your child's dreams

For each set of bed linen, we donate funds to help homeless animals, providing them food, medicines and warm houses.  Today you can make cozy and warm not only your bed , but also the life of dogs and cats!